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China Cosmetic Formula/Label/Claim Review

Cosmetics labeling compliance requirements

“Cosmetics registrant, the filer is responsible for the legitimacy, authenticity, integrity, accuracy and consistency of cosmetic labeling.”


Chinese labeling of cosmetics should include at least the following.
(1) the Chinese name of the product, special cosmetic registration certificate number;
(2) the registrant, the name of the filer, address, the registrant or the filer is an overseas enterprise, should be marked with the name and address of the person responsible for the territory;
(3) the name and address of the manufacturer, domestic cosmetics should be marked with the manufacturer’s production license number;
(4) the standard number of the product implementation;
(5) the full composition;
(6) the net content;
(7) the use period; (viii) the method of use
(8) the method of use;
(9) the necessary safety warning language;
(10) the laws, administrative regulations and mandatory national standards should be marked with other content.

*These measures shall take effect from May 1, 2022.

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