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Toothpaste supervision and management methods

March 16, 2023 State Administration of Market Administration Order No. 71 published since December 1, 2023

Imported toothpaste should be imported before the State Drug Administration for the record.The filing person or the domestic responsible person shall submit the following information for filing toothpaste

   (1) the name, address, and contact information of the filer;

 (2) the name, address, and contact information of the manufacturer;

 (3) the name of the product;

 (4) product formulations;

 (5) the product implementation standards;

 (6) sample product labeling;

 (7) product inspection reports;

 (8) product safety assessment information.

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1. Imported toothpaste / domestic toothpaste for the record

2.Responsible person in China

3.Toothpaste formula/labeling audit

4.Toothpaste safety assessment report

5. Toothpaste import customs clearance

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